About Frank Makrides

I’m a former financial technology industry executive, licensed realtor, real estate investor, an award-winning speaker, I’ve been published, hold multiple patents and I’m passionate about all things personal finance and entrepreneurship. I’m also a proud husband and father of two amazing children.

I purchased my first cash flow positive investment property while I was still in college, living at home with my parents and I never looked back since. My goal is to provide you the very best content in personal finance and entrepreneurship, through this website and on YouTube where I help to put you on your financial path one video at a time.

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Frank Makrides, Short Bio

• Former Financial Industry Executive
• Boston Blockchain Association, Co-Founder
• Was a Licensed Real Estate Agent
• Real-Estate Investor
• Award Winning Speaker
• Published & Copyrighted
• Certified Project Management Professional
• Six Sigma Certified
• Holds Multiple Patents
• Bachelor of Science in Engineering
• Passionate About Personal Finance & Investing
• Blogger & YouTuber


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