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Personal Finance Checklist

Personal Finance Checklist Phone

I put together this FREE simple and essential checklist to start you out on your financial journey. It’s a great starting point to build the necessary foundation for your financial success. The checklist covers budgeting, crushing your debt, building your credit and so much more!

Personal Monthly Budget Tool

Free Personal Monthly Budget Phone

This tool will allow you to quickly organize and track your finances. It is so important that you get a visual on all of your earnings and expenses before taking any next steps. So what are you waiting for, download the tool and start bringing in more money every month!

Dividend Calculator

Free Dividend Calculator Phone

I put together this FREE simple and essential dividend calculator to start you out on your financial and wealth building journey. This tool includes everything from taxes, dollar cost averaging, stock appreciation, dividend appreciation and more! , Download it today!

Retirement Checklist

Retirement Checklist Phone

Here’s a nice simple checklist for your retirement planning. I put together this simple and essential retirement checklist with the goal of quickly providing you the initial information you need to start formulating your retirement savings plans. 

Cash Flow Real Estate Checklist

Cash Flow Real Estate Checklist Phone

Cash Flow Positive Real Estate is simply one of the best ways to grow your net worth all while collecting that coveted & amazing passive income every month. This checklist walks you through the simple steps that you can use today to start your cash flow real estate journey. 

BRRRR Real Estate Investing Guide

Free BRRRR Real Estate Investment Guide Phone

BRRRR Real Estate investing is tried and proven method that I have used successfully myself. BRRRR stand for Buying, Rehabbing, Renting, Refinancing and Repeating. In this FREE to download guide I walk you through step-by-step in each phase of the process. 

FREE Scholarship Guide

Free Scholarship Guide Phone

This FREE comprehensive guide packed full of free knowledge, information and resources to help you in your scholarship search. The guide will go over scholarships that are available, how to find them, when to apply for them, how to get your money and how it could affect your student aid. 

FREE College Budget Calculator

Free College Monthly Budget Template Phone

I put together this FREE simple and essential budgeting tool for you to keep your college expenses on track. This a great stepping stone in getting you overall finances together and keeping your expenses under control while you’re in school. So what are you waiting for, download it today!

FREE Startup Checklist

Business Startup Checklist Phone

With this FREE and essential tool Frank takes you step-by-step in the business startup process from the initial idea, assessing the opportunity, defining the business, marketing and so much more!

FREE Debt Calculator

Free Debt Calculator Phone

Quickly sort and list all of your debts all in one place. Based on your inputs it will provide you interest owed and a time frame that you can expect to pay down your debt. So what are you waiting for? Download this essential FREE tool today!


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