How to choose travel insurance

How To Choose Travel Insurance?

How To Choose Travel Insurance?

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When planning and purchasing your travel plans in advance, it is always wise to purchase travel insurance to protect yourself. The question though is how to choose travel insurance and what options are available?

Most people think that their only travel insurance option is at the point of purchase and that is simply not true. There are many third-party insurance options that provide customized coverage and cost options based on your specific needs.

What Is Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance is a type of insurance that covers losses associated with traveling from transportation, lodging costs and so much more.

Click to learn more from the CDC “Travel Insurance: Peace of Mind While You Travel

High Coverage Medical Expense Limit

The medical expense limit applies to all first aid and covered medical expenses for bodily injury to any single person over the result of one single accident.

This type of medical expense covers a “no-fault” type of event.

Insurance like this will also pay reasonable medical bills of a third party who were injured by your actions, though this differs from policy to policy depending on which insurer you take your insurance out with.

The typical limit for high coverage medical expense is around $100k, though as always this can slightly differ depending on the package you opt for.

International Coverage

It goes without saying that you’re going to want to get international coverage when you go traveling abroad, so no matter what part of the planet you find yourself on, you can peace of mind knowing whatever happens you’re going to be covered.

Most international coverage covers you in almost any country in the world, though there are a few exceptions which tend to be the United States of America, Canada, and the Caribbean.

In these places, you’re going to have to purchase more specific insurance if you wish to be covered whilst traveling to these countries.

Medical Flight

Emergency Evacuation And Care

Regular travel insurance policies will generally cover you on emergency medical evacuation and this may include an airlift or medically equipped flights back to your home; in some policies, you are also able to be transported to a hospital of your choice for treatment.

Coverage like this is beneficial as it helps to ease the overall costs of medical bills as it helps to cover the transport part of the bill.

Political Emergencies

Similar to emergency evacuation and care cover, a political evacuation policy covers you on the basis of the current location you find yourself in might have turned to be unsafe, for whatever reason.

With this coverage as a part of your travel insurance, you will be able to be flown back to your home where it is safe.

Although something like this would only really need to be taken out in certain high-risk countries, it’s always wise to have it as a part of your overall travel insurance package as you never know what can happen with a country you find yourself in.

Financial Protection Coverage

Financial protection coverage is also an important part of your overall travel insurance package as it will cover you if say the airline you are flying with goes into bankruptcy whilst you’re abroad; meaning that you may no longer be able to return home on one of their aircrafts.

In this case, your insurance will cover you for the fees of the flight so that you are able to use this money on another airway service so that you can safely and promptly get you and your family home.

This same scenario can also be applied to hotels which you have booked.

If the company running the hotel comes into some form of financial trouble and can no longer house you over the time you’re in the country, then your financial protection coverage policy will help to get your money back too.

Coverage Protection Policy

This type of policy is also very important to look into if you do not want your valuables to go missing before or after your flight without any sort of compensation.

Something like this is usually a worst-case scenario, but it can happen to anyone and just knowing you’re covered on these grounds will make your whole experience much more enjoyable thanks to the peace of mind knowing you’re covered.

The rules of this policy can differ from package to package but generally, you can get yourself covered on lost or damaged electronics as well as lost luggage.

On top of this, you can also be covered on canceled or delayed flights as well as any issues you might face with hotel bookings.

Refunds And Cancellation Policies

For whatever reason, you may need to cancel the travel insurance you recently took out, perhaps you no longer need it or you’ve just found yourself a better deal online.

In such a scenario, we can’t really recommend how you go about doing something like this as with all travel insurance policies, the rules differ from package to package – some companies will be more than willing to give a refund others won’t be so kind.

With that being said, it’s important to read and understand this sort of thing before you spend your hard-earned money on any sort of travel insurance package online.

As with anything you purchase, read your contract, understand the terms and make sure you’re comfortable with it prior to signing the bottom line.

I personally had to change flights in the past and my travel insurance policy allowed me the option to transfer my policy to the new flight.

Why Is Travelex Insurance Our #1 Rated Provider For Travel Insurance?

As I mentioned earlier you can purchase third party insurance within a window of time after you book your travel. This provides you the customization and cost options that provide you the best possible coverage.

The #1 rated travel insurance option is Travelex. With excellent reviews that I have personally used myself on countless trips. 

You’re going to be able to get the money you need to enjoy yourself abroad without breaking the bank.

They’ve come through time and time again when I’ve experienced unfortunate travel interruptions. Their response was quick and professional.

Learn more about Travelex Travel Insurance below.

#1 Rated For Travel Insurance

Travelex is intent on being the best in the eyes of its customers as they travel and explore the world safely. First, by providing the best travel protection in the world while remaining true to the company’s Midwestern values. Second, by aiming to make traveling easier, better and safer for customers through innovative, highly personalized protection products and services.

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